François Gélinas

Bonjour Hi,
Welcome to my personal website. I use this page to write a little bit about myself and also to share some links and things around to you visitors and also to my future self.

My name is François Gélinas, I am a software developper and team manager living in the small town of Trois-Rivières in Québec,Canada.

I cultivate different interest occupations: I like to experiment with programming. I like to grill things on the BBQ or run the smoker. I like many forms of gambling, also to play Black Jack and Poker. I like to spend time in the nature, to go camping and grill sausages on the fire. I play Dek Hockey but I also like curling, softball and most team sports. I like puzzles, logic problems, board games, Chess and also some Go. I like to start projects.


The remaining of this website is a collection of thoughts and things I find interresting




Leadership stuff

Life and phylosophy


I played some sports while growing up, mostly soccer in the summer and hockey during winter. I coached my son's baseball team for many years. I played softball with the team at Progi. I played curling for a year or two. Since 2021 I have been playing Dek Hockey a lot.

Social things

I do some Facebook but if we are not "friend" yet, you can reach me by email at [use you imagination] I'm also on linkedin sometimes.