I’ve always been a fan of Winamp and Nullsoft the company that created it. I’ve even had my name added to the crypto they had on their homepage back in the days (hint , its about turkey or something).

Anyway, since AOL is shutting down Winamp I decided to host a copy for future myself who used it since I can remember.

Here is the download link to the lite version of Winamp 5.666, probably the last version to be released : click here

Homemade HeroQuest Dungeon Tiles

A recent HeroQuest kickstarter renewed my nostalgy for this simple dungeon board game. Now since getting an orginigal box on ebay is quite expensive, I decided to build my own. So I searched around and found a pdf download of the tiles, got a big cardboard and a roll of Mactac and started to do some tiles.

An original HeroQuest square is 3/4 inch but I went for 1 1/16 to make more room for custom pieces later on.

Here is the result so far, last shot with a Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine to show the proportions :

IMG_3186 IMG_3187 IMG_3188