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Leap Motion Controller

“A tiny device with huge possibilities.”


The promotional campaign of the Leap Motion did an excellent job at creating hype for this new exotic controller. And I jumped in the hype too, imagining myself exploring systems like Tony Stark  or Kaenu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonik.


I think a big part of the hype built around the Leap Motion came from the nice design, which is very well executed in this product.


The bottom of the Leap Motion is made of a non-skid rubber to keep it in position on your desk.



Again the similarities with the iPhone 4 in material an design.


The Leap Motion comes with two microUSB 3.0 cables, a 24″ and a 60″ one. I used the long one on my desktop PC and the smaller one with my laptop.

I am glad I got to try the Leap Motion, but it did not integrate well with the way I use the computer every day. While there are applications that supports the Leap Motion like Google Earth, and a few that are designed for it, the main problem with using it with your computer is that the Leap Motion is not a replacement for your mouse and keyboard. It is a totally different kind of device. Hopefully this will lead to more innovation and open up possibilities.


I’ve always been a fan of Winamp and Nullsoft the company that created it. I’ve even had my name added to the crypto they had on their homepage back in the days (hint , its about turkey or something).

Anyway, since AOL is shutting down Winamp I decided to host a copy for future myself who used it since I can remember.

Here is the download link to the lite version of Winamp 5.666, probably the last version to be released : click here

Homemade HeroQuest Dungeon Tiles

A recent HeroQuest kickstarter renewed my nostalgy for this simple dungeon board game. Now since getting an orginigal box on ebay is quite expensive, I decided to build my own. So I searched around and found a pdf download of the tiles, got a big cardboard and a roll of Mactac and started to do some tiles.

An original HeroQuest square is 3/4 inch but I went for 1 1/16 to make more room for custom pieces later on.

Here is the result so far, last shot with a Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine to show the proportions :

IMG_3186 IMG_3187 IMG_3188